Awards Evening Success!

On Saturday 3rd Feb we had our annual awards evening to celebrate the incredible work done by our members, whether it be competing on the hill climbs, marshalling at lots of different events, competing on stage rallies or general work behind the scenes for the club. It was well attended once again, we had Dave Pearce as out host and Pauline Gullick as our guest speaker, what a fantastic speaker she was, she had amazing stories of her rallying exploits from all over the world! She has co driven in lots of breathtaking rally cars including the notorious QUATTRO, which she decribed as a rocket launching – when she left the start line for the very first time, she really couldnt believe how fast it was. It was a facinating insight to a great career she is still pursuing as Jimmy McRae’s co-driver.
The night was a complete success, the food/service was tremendous at Batch County House. The awards were given out by Pauline to all of the deserved winners, we had 16 to give out this year which was great to see so many members doing so well. Well done to all the award winners, you’re all amazing.
Here are the results from the 2017 Championship
1st overall – Peter Stiles
2nd overall – Tim Porter
1st lady – Naomi Poole
1st – Peter Isaac
2nd – Nigel Winkworth
3rd – Matt Isaac
3rd – Edward Norman
3rd – Colin Ellis
3rd – Chris House
Speed Events:
1st – Peter Stiles
2nd – Jason Tunnicliffe
Stage Rallies:
1st = Driver – Peter Henson
1st = Driver – Tony Phillips
1st Co-driver – Darren Matthews
Member of the year awards:
The Ben Durk Memorial Trophy for an outstanding contribution – Geoff Taylor
The David Gilbert Memorial Trophy for an unsung hero – Colin Ellis
I would to say thankyou to Dave Pearce for all the pictures and for hosting the evening, thankyou to Pauline Gullick for being our guest speaker and donating her money to ‘Action on Addiction’. Finally I would like to say thankyou to my amazing wife Natalie, she organised the evening and worked so hard on getting everything to run smoothly whilst being 8 months pregnant with a little wriggler (I think the baby will defiinitelty be a driver rather than a co driver, with the amount of arm/leg movements going on).
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