Road Rally

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Road Rallies are run on public roads, these events are timed at an average of 30mph or less. Road Rallies run overnight on Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings, when the roads are quiet. Both the MSA and police are made aware of the whole route for the event and house holds along the route are notified the cars will be passing their propriety. The length of the rally route varies but is on average around 100 to 150 miles. The route of the rally is not known by the crews prior to the start of the event. The Navigator is issued a set of “instructions” from which they are able to plot the route on the map, then get the driver to follow. These instructions can consist of various formats, tulips, spot heights, grid references, grid lines, etc. Each “section” is timed and penalties are given for arriving late and greater penalties are given for arriving early (therefore ensuing the speed is kept at the average of 30mph or less between sections/controls). Each control has to be visited in a strict order and be approached from the right direction. The key to the event is the skills of the Navigator. Standard road cars are used and have to be road legal. Cars are also subject to strict noise test, before and during the event.

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