Endurance Rallying

You don’t need big amounts of money to be successful in endurance rallying and it’s one of the most competitive forms of rallying in Britain at the moment. This is because conventional special stage rallying is expensive and only an elite few at the front have the money to be at the front. In road rallying, to win, you need a co-driver who can do several calculations of the square root of 64 and 128 all at the same time.

Endurance Rallying is designed to bridge the gap between these two disciplines and to get more people actively involved in competitive motorsport.

To compete in a “Enduro” you need a petrol engine car no bigger than 1400cc or a diesel up to 1950cc.  No turbos or tuning are allowed. Gearboxes, transmissions and brakes all have to be standard components. Seats can however be changed and suspension uprated. You also need to strengthen the bodyshell, fit a sumpshield and fit minimal safety equipment.

Endurance Rallying is the ultimate clubman’s rallying formula as it means the majority of competitors are on the same performance level, instead of a minority who do all the winning. It is drastically more cost effective.

Exmoor Endurance Rally is being Co-promoted by Burnham-On-Sea MC, Minehead MC & Tavern MC in October, to visit the Exmoor Endurance Rally Web site.

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